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Nami Naturals Emu Oil


Now You Can Try The Secret Miracle Oil Of The Aborigines

For thousands of years, the Australian Aborigines have lived in one of the harshest, most inhospitable environments on the planet. Their land is one of intense heat, extreme dryness, relentless sun, and dangerous creatures. Sharing their home is the second largest bird on the planet, the emu. The emu is very respected by the Aborigines, who said the sun was created by an emu egg thrown into the sky. The Aborigines discovered that the oil rendered from the fat of this bird is incredibly useful, and have long used it for a variety of needs.



You wont believe the difference once you try Nami Naturals Emu Oil.  This ultra-moisturizing oil penetrates deep into your skin to help hydrate from within. Give your dry, rough skin some much needed love with emu oil. You can also use it on aches, burns, and bruises.

Emu oil is safe for all skin types, including sensitive baby skin.  It is  very low on the comedogenic scale, which means that it has a low chance of clogging pores.  This makes it a wonderful moisturizer for the acne prone.  You can provide your skin with amazing moisturizing benefits without worrying about causing additional breakouts.

This oil is anti-inflammatory.  It can help sooth red, irritated skin.  The next time you have a sunburn, rash, skin allergy, or ache, try a little emu oil on the area.  It will penetrate deep into the area to help soothe all the layers of skin.


All Natural, Chemical Free

Our oil is fully refined using a natural physical refining process to ensure nothing but the best, highest quality oil available.  No harsh chemicals are used in the process.  Instead, a combination of precise temperatures, pressures, times, and natural clays are used to filter, sterilize, and deodorize the oil.  A small amount of natural vitamin E (tocopherol) is added as an anti-oxidant to help extend the shelf life.  This does not affect the final product, which is still considered pure.


Made in America

Our oil is made in the USA, and we proudly display a “Made in USA” seal.  It is refined right here in the United States.  Your purchase helps support our American farmers and our economy.  America thanks you.


How to use

To use, simply apply a few drops to the affected area and massage in.  Apply more as needed.  The oil should absorb into your skin without a greasy residue.  If your skin feels greasy, you have applied too much.  Next time use less oil (it’s valuable, so don’t waste it!)

This oil can also be used on hair.  Apply a few drops at a time and massage into your hair.  It is best to work in smaller sections at a time.  Massage the oil into your hair, moving from the tips to the scalp or vice versa.



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